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Importing & Exporting Audio

WWE 2K19 Sound Modding

You must have the game closed when following this guide. Currently there is no way to add new sounds to the game, only replace existing ones. Prerequisites  Sound Editor Download Here ARC Tool Download Here WrestleMINUS Download Her...

Sound Modding How-To (PEND)


Welcome to the Sound Modding Tutorial for WWE RAW 2 for XBOX 360. This is a less common gamethat is played by many but I feel like a tutorial is still a good idea for those who wish to update their themes. I will not be providing a download link to the ISO im...

Converting a Video Loop for Home Screen

WWE 2K22 Beginner's Guide to Modding

This is a guide to show you how to take a simple 10 - 20 second video loop and convert it to work with 2K22. Prerequisites  CakeTools Download Here RAD Tools (Zip Password is RAD) Download Here Sample Video (MP4) Download Here 7 Zip 6...

Prop IDs (PC)

WWE 2K22

PROP ID PROP NAME 0003 Ringbell 0004 Dentable Black Chair With Blood 0005 Table 0006 Announcer Table 0007 Announcer Table Cover 0011 Ladder 0012 Commentator's Chair 0013 Cart 0020 Money In The Bank B...

Titantron IDs

WWE 2K22

MOVIE ID CAK # TRON NAME ent_0100_0_0_3 bakedfile06 The Rock ent_0101_0_0_3 bakedfile06 Stone Cold ent_0102_0_0_3 bakedfile06 Triple H ent_0103_0_0_3 bakedfile06 Undertaker ent_0107_0_0_3 bakedfile06 Kane ent_010...

Commentary IDs

WWE 2K22

CHARACTER ANNOUNCER ID COMMENTARY ID A-Kid 603 563 Adam Pearce 580 542 Adrian Buck 657 608 Adrin Williams 672 623 AJ Styles 5 5 Akira Tozawa 7 7 Alexa Bliss 13 13 Alexa Bliss (Goddess) 10013 13 ...

Movie IDs

WWE 2K22

Updated for WWE 2K24 v1.21 ID   Entrance Name 10000   The Rock 10100   Stone Cold Steve Austin 10200   Triple H 10300   The Undertaker 10700   Kane 10800   Booker T 10900   Hollywood Hulk Hogan ...

Character Slot IDs

WWE 2K22

Original Credit: BlindedByTheGrace SLOT ID CHARACTER NAME SLOT ID SLOT # SLOT ALT NOTE 100 The Rock 64 00 64 00 58 01   101 Stone Cold 65 00 65 00 65 00   102 Triple H 66 00 66 00 BA 01   103 The Undertaker 67 0...

Height Chart

WWE 2K22

Credit goes to BlindedByTheGrace for the information. HEIGHT HEIGHT (HEX VALUE) 5' A10C 5'1" D60C 5'2" 0B0D 5'3" 400D 5'4" 750D 5'5" AA0D 5'6" DF0D 5'7" 140E 5'8" 490E 5'9" 7E0E 5...

Music IDs

WWE 2K22

Note 1: Anything 700-703 seems to be empty or just place holders. Tested around 10 entries, no music. Note 2: Not all ID's will work, like #13, I may go through them manually via Meta and test, highlight invalid ones with a background color of red. Ind...

Music List IDs

WWE 2K22

Index Character Theme 1 Triple H The Game 2 Kane Veil of Fire (Rise Up Remix) 3 Jeff Hardy Loaded 4 Matt Hardy Loaded 5 Rey Mysterio Booyaka 619 6 Big Show Crank It Up 7 Bobby Lashley Dominance (Remix) ...

#464 - WWE RAW 2011

WWE 2K22 Arenas

bakedfile00.cak\Environment\ArenaDefs\ArenaDefinitions_00464.jsfb Offset Description 0x000000028 Environment/GameAreaCollisions/GameAreaCollision_Arena_00001.jsfb 0x000000050 Environment/PropsSet/PropsSet_Classic.jsfb 0x000000068 Envi...

#461 - WWE RAW 2005

WWE 2K22 Arenas

bakedfile00.cak\Environment\ArenaDefs\ArenaDefinitions_00461.jsfb Offset Description 0x000000028 Environment/GameAreaCollisions/GameAreaCollision_Arena_00001.jsfb 0x000000050 Environment/PropsSet/PropsSet_461.jsfb 0x000000060 Environm...

#701 - WWE RAW 2021

WWE 2K22 Arenas

bakedfile00.cak\Environment\ArenaDefs\ArenaDefinitions_00701.jsfb Offset Description 0x000000028 Environment/GameAreaCollisions/GameAreaCollision_Arena_00000.jsfb 0x000000050 Environment/PropsSet/PropsSet_501.jsfb 0x000000060 Environm...

#000 - SmackDown Live!

WWE 2K22 Arenas

bakedfile00.cak\Environment\ArenaDefs\ArenaDefinitions_00000.jsfb Offset Description 0x000000028 Environment/GameAreaCollisions/GameAreaCollision_Arena_00000.jsfb 0x000000050 Environment/PropsSet/PropsSet_1.jsfb 0x000000060 Enviro...

#001 - WWE RAW

WWE 2K22 Arenas

bakedfile00.cak\Environment\ArenaDefs\ArenaDefinitions_00001.jsfb Offset Description 0x000000028 Environment/GameAreaCollisions/GameAreaCollision_Arena_00001.jsfb 0x000000050 Environment/PropsSet/PropsSet_RAW_2019.jsfb 0x000000068 ...

#501 - WWE Thunderdome

WWE 2K22 Arenas

bakedfile00.cak\Environment\ArenaDefs\ArenaDefinitions_00023.jsfb Offset Description 0x000000028 Environment/GameAreaCollisions/GameAreaCollision_Arena_00001.jsfb 0x000000050 Environment/PropsSet/PropsSet_5.jsfb 0x000000068 Enviro...

#031 - WCW Nitro

WWE 2K22 Arenas

bakedfile00.cak\Environment\ArenaDefs\ArenaDefinitions_00031.jsfb Offset Description 0x000000028 Environment/GameAreaCollisions/GameAreaCollision_Arena_00031.jsfb 0x000000050 Environment/PropsSet/PropsSet_505.jsfb 0x000000068 Environm...

#032 - WCW Halloween Havoc 1998

WWE 2K22 Arenas

bakedfile00.cak\Environment\ArenaDefs\ArenaDefinitions_00032.jsfb Offset Description 0x000000028 Environment/GameAreaCollisions/GameAreaCollision_Arena_00032.jsfb 0x000000050 Environment/PropsSet/PropsSet_7.jsfb 0x000000068 Environmen...

#043 - WWE SummerSlam 1998

WWE 2K22 Arenas

bakedfile00.cak\Environment\ArenaDefs\ArenaDefinitions_00043.jsfb Offset Description 0x000000028 Environment/GameAreaCollisions/GameAreaCollision_Arena_00043.jsfb 0x000000050 Environment/PropsSet/PropsSet_505.jsfb 0x000000068 Environm...