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Quality Guidelines

In order to ensure high quality content, any submissions not meeting these criteria may be edited or removed.

Quality Guidelines

If you haven't already, please first read the Rules for Wiki Editors as these are very important, and strictly enforced. By contrast, these "guidelines" are not enforced as strictly, but still recommended to follow whenever possible.

  1. Approach this wiki as an encyclopedia or knowledgebase: Our primary objective is to capture and share knowledge, making it more accessible and preserving it for the future. Articles should be crafted with this objective at the forefront.
  2. Articles should maintain a neutral point of view: Avoid using emotionally-charged language or expressing subjective opinions. To gauge your grasp of neutrality, consider taking the Wikipedia Neutrality Quiz as a helpful exercise.
  3. Refrain from writing in the first-person perspective: Recognise that wiki articles, in most cases, are not attributed to individual authors and may undergo edits by multiple contributors. Consequently, avoid personal pronouns such as “I,” “me,” or phrases like “in my opinion.”
  4. Avoid duplicate content: Prior to creating new content, employ the search feature to determine whether the topic has been previously covered. Whenever feasible, enhance existing content rather than initiating a new page on the same subject.
  5. Conduct comprehensive proofreading of your content before publication: Scrutinise for common errors, including typos, grammatical inconsistencies, and formatting irregularities. Ensure that the overall tone of the content remains polished.
  6. Strive to provide comprehensive and elucidating information in your contributions: Avoid vague or ambiguous content, and instead, offer detailed explanations and clarifications to enhance the understanding of the subject matter.

By following these guidelines diligently, we collectively contribute to the creation of a reputable and invaluable resource for the modding community.