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Introduction to File Types

When it comes to modding the WWE 2K video game titles, there are a variety of file formats that you will need to familiarize yourselves with. 


A PAC is an arbitrary extension given to most files in the WWE games. What is contained inside a PAC varies depending on where you are inside the game's folder structure. Some examples of what can be found inside a PAC are:  EPK8, PACH, SHDC.


This is a container archive, found in WWE 2K17 - WWE 2K19. A pattern will emerge when dealing with containers, 2K fashionably embed containers recursively. The most common container found inside a HSPC will be a SHDC, which again contains a multitude of files and in some rare cases, another container. 


This is a secondary type container, usually found inside a HSPC and was introduced with WWE 2k17 - WWE 2k19. Inside this container is where you will come across common files used in modding, examples: YOBJ, BIN, DDS.


3D models from WWE 2K19 and below are in a format known as YOBJ, this can also have the variant JBOY. This file contains the mesh data, bones, texture information, shaders and more. This file does not contain textures. 


Texture files across all WWE games are found to be in DDS format. These files can be found sporadically around all containers. As a community we have passively decided to distinguish a container containing textures to have the extension as PAC. Extended information about the image format known as DDS can be found here


Normally when coming across a BIN (binary) archive, it's either unknown or has very specific case usage. Modders open these with a hex editor or text editor depending on what is inside the contents of the BIN file.


Contains all character/wrestler information. This includes name(s), height, weight and more. This file is commonly used when importing new characters or updating current ones.


As the name suggests, this contains all information for a moveset. This includes finishers, taunts, grapple moves and more.


These files contain Tag Team and Stable Information.


This is a secondary type container that is compressed. This is found in many of Yuke's games. Inside this container when uncompressed you will come across common files used in modding, examples: JBOY, BIN, DDS.


This is a secondary type container. In earlier games, this was a common container which contained compressed archives like BPE. WWE 2K17 and onwards, this was deprecated with the switch to SHDC with a similar container concept retained.


BINK Video files. A format that is used for Titantrons, Show intros and more.


A very basic container for audio. This can contain entrance themes, commentary, announcements and more.


A WWise Soundbank archive that normally contains a list of PCK containers.