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Data ⚙

A collection of tools for modifying binary and/or data information.

If credits are missing, wrong or need amending, please contact us at or one of our staff in the ProWrestlingMods Discord.

ARC Tool | Grix

A multipurpose I/O tool for WWE games. Arc is a recursive IO tool designed to make the process of modding almost instantaneous; also to cut back on the unnecessary workflow and exorbitant amount of files that reside in the game directory.

  • Supports all known versions of PAC files.
  • Inject and extract files from WWE 2K archives. (OODLE, ZLIB)
  • Create custom SHDC, EPK8 and Texture archives.
  • Mass extract entire directory functionality.
  • 0014 texture extraction with auto naming.
  • Sync muscles.
  • Last gen archives supported.
  • DDS viewer.
  • Async operations for a swift modding experience.
Download Here

CakeTools | HanleysFramer

This tool allows you to view, Import and Extract WWE 2K22-23 Files. This tool is required to make any type of file changes.

File structure disclaimer ( Standard Texture & Model Settings: 61-69, High 51-59)

WWE 2K23 CakeTools (Version 9982p108)

                                                                                      Download Here


Data Editor | Caveman

This tool enables modders to create, modify and save POFOMOVESET, TEAM_INFO and ATTIRE_NAMES file types.

Some features are only available in specific builds.

WWE 2K19  Download Here
WWE 2K18 Download Here
WWE 2K17 Download Here
WWE 2K16 Download Here
WWE 2K15 Download Here

Custom Character Tools | TheVisitorX

Custom Character Tools (abbreviated as CCT) enables modders to install characters, titantrons & renders. There are additional features to help facilitate an easier time modding; such as clearing your chunk file, installing 'super string' and installing additional titantron slots with a single click. It is highly recommend to use this tool in conjunction with Data Editor. Full details of CCT can be found here.

WWE 2K19 Download Here

Cheat Engine | Eric Heijnen

Cheat Engine is a free and open-source memory scanner/debugger created by Eric Heijnen for the Windows operating system.

Download Here

WrestleMINUS | Pozzum

  • Supports PAC, SHDC, BIN, and most known WWE 2K19-20 File Formats
  • Supports Compression & Decompression of OODLE File Format
  • Actively opens and decompresses all 2K20 Files, Models & Textures
  • Built In Super String Editor that's properly label with appropriate Hex Values for Data Editor
  • Built in Misc editor that's properly labeled to add in or edit Arenas, Additional Attires & more
  • PacPlus support
WWE 2K19 Download Here

X-Packer  $ Commercial | Tekken57 

X-Packer can be used for extracting and injecting files into PAC, PACH, HSPC, and SDHC files. It is also capable of compressing files into ZLIB/OODLE formats while injecting, and is useful for injecting and extracting files from texture archives.

Purchase Here