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Wrestler Graphics IDs

Folder path

Name Titantron ID Baked File GFX Folder ID Baked File
The Rock ent_0100_0_0_3 bakedfile57 100_THE_ROCK_2024 bakedfile71
The Rock - - 100_THE_ROCK_2023 bakedfile57
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin '97 ent_0101_0_0_3 bakedfile57 101_Steve_Austin_97_2022 bakedfile57
Triple H ent_0102_0_0_3 bakedfile57 102_Triple_H_2022 bakedfile57
Undertaker ent_0103_0_0_3 bakedfile57 103_UNDERTAKER_2018_2023 bakedfile57
Kurt Angle ent_0105_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 105_KURT_ANGLE_2023 bakedfile57
Kane ent_0107_0_0_3 bakedfile57 107_Kane_1998_2022 bakedfile57
Booker T ent_0108_0_0_3 bakedfile57 108_Booker_T_2022 bakedfile57
Hulk Hogan '02 ent_0109_0_0_3 bakedfile57 109_Hollywood_Hulk_Hogan_02_2022 bakedfile57
JBL ent_0114_0_0_3 bakedfile57 114_Bradshaw_2001_2022 bakedfile57
Mr. McMahon ent_0115_0_0_3 bakedfile57 115_Mr_McMahon_2022 bakedfile57
Rob Van Dam ent_0116_0_0_3 bakedfile57 116_ROB_VAN_DAM_2006_2023 bakedfile57
Eddie Guerrero ent_0118_0_0_3 bakedfile57 118_Eddie_Guerrero_2022 bakedfile57
Andre The Giant ent_0119_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Dudley Boyz ent_0121_0_0_3 bakedfile71 121_DVON_DUDLEY_2024 bakedfile71
Rey Mysterio ent_0123_0_0_3 bakedfile57 123_REY_MYSTERIO_2023 bakedfile57
Lita ent_0124_0_0_3 bakedfile57 124_LITA_2023 bakedfile57
Trish Stratus ent_0126_0_0_3 bakedfile57 126_Trish_Stratus_2022 bakedfile57
Bobby Lashley ent_0133_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 133_BOBBY_LASHLEY_2023 bakedfile57 & 71
Ted DiBiase ent_0136_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
John Cena ent_0139_0_0_3 bakedfile57 139_JOHN_CENA_2024 bakedfile57
John Cena - - 139_JOHN_CENA_21_2023 bakedfile57
Mick Foley ent_0144_0_0_3 bakedfile57 144_MICK_FOLEY_2024 bakedfile57
Shawn Michaels '94 ent_0145_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 145_SHAWN_MICHAELS_94_2024 bakedfile71
Rick Rude ent_0146_0_0_3 bakedfile57 146_RAVISHING_RICK_RUDE_2024 bakedfile57
Stephanie McMahon ent_0147_0_0_3 bakedfile57 147_Stephanie_McMahon_2022 bakedfile57
Congrats Bayley - - 150_BayleyIC_2022 bakedfile57
Shane McMahon ent_0152_0_0_3 bakedfile57 152_Shane_McMahon_2022 bakedfile57
Jerry Lawler ent_0153_0_0_3 bakedfile57 153_Jerry_Lawler_2022 bakedfile57
Roddy Piper ent_0159_0_0_3 bakedfile57 159_Rowdy_Roddy_Piper_2022 bakedfile57
Randy Orton ent_0161_0_0_3 bakedfile57 161_RANDY_ORTON_2024 bakedfile57
Kofi Kingston ent_0176_0_0_3 bakedfile57 176_KOFI_KINGSTON_2024 bakedfile57
Bret Hart ent_0177_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Jim Neidhart ent_0180_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Dusty Rhodes ent_0209_0_0_3 bakedfile71 209_DUSTY_RHODES_2024 bakedfile71
Undertaker '03 ent_0210_0_0_2 bakedfile57 - -
British Bulldog ent_0212_0_0_3 bakedfile57 212_The_British_Bulldog_2022 bakedfile57
Luke Gallows ent_0214_0_0_3 bakedfile57 214_LUKE_GALLOWS_2024 bakedfile57
The Miz ent_0218_0_0_3 bakedfile57 218_THE_MIZ_2024 bakedfile57
Beth Phoenix ent_0224_0_0_3 bakedfile57 224_Beth_Phoenix_2022 bakedfile57
Randy Savage ent_0232_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
George "The Animal" Steele ent_0235_0_0_3 bakedfile57 235_GEORGE_STEELE_2024 bakedfile57
Big Boss Man ent_0238_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Cactus Jack ent_0245_0_0_3 bakedfile57 245_Cactus_Jack_2022 bakedfile57
Mankind ent_0246_0_0_3 bakedfile57 246_MANKIND_2024 bakedfile57
Dude Love ent_0247_0_0_3 bakedfile57 247_DUDE_LOVE_2024 bakedfile57
Ultimate Warrior ent_0254_0_0_3 bakedfile57 254_Ultimate_Warrior_2022 bakedfile57
Viking Raiders (Intro) ent_0256_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Tiffany Stratton (Intro) ent_0257_0_0_3 bakedfile71 257_TIFFANY_STRATTON_INTRO_2024 bakedfile71
Brock Lesnar '03 ent_0265_0_0_3 bakedfile57 265_BROCK_LESNAR_03_2023 bakedfile57
Brock Lesnar '14 ent_0266_0_0_3 bakedfile57 266_BROCK_LESNAR_2014_2023 bakedfile57
Randy Orton '02 ent_0268_0_0_3 bakedfile57 268_RANDY_ORTON_2023 bakedfile57
Bruno Sammartino ent_0270_0_0_3 bakedfile57 270_BRUNO_SAMMARTINO_2023 bakedfile57
R-Truth ent_0272_0_0_3 bakedfile57 272_R_TRUTH_2024 bakedfile57
The Fiend (Let Me In Intro) ent_0273_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
The Fiend (Firefly Funhouse Intro) ent_0274_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Drew McIntyre ent_0278_0_0_3 bakedfile57 278_DREW_MCINTYRE_2024 bakedfile57
Sheamus ent_0279_0_0_3 bakedfile57 279_SHEAMUS_2023 bakedfile57
John Cena '20 ent_0285_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 285_JOHN_CENA_WM36_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
John Cena '18 - - 285_JOHN_CENA_18_2023 bakedfile57
Eddy Thorpe ent_0286_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Rhea Ripley (Intro) ent_0287_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Sheamus (Intro) ent_0288_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Xia Li (Intro) ent_0289_0_0_3 bakedfile57 289_XIA_LI_INTRO_2024 bakedfile57
Natalya ent_0290_0_0_3 bakedfile57 290_NATALYA_2023 bakedfile57
Maryse ent_0291_0_0_3 bakedfile57 291_Maryse_2022 bakedfile57
Tamina ent_0299_0_0_3 bakedfile57 299_TAMINA_2023 bakedfile57
CM Punk ent_0312_0_0_3 bakedfile71 312_CM_PUNK_2024 bakedfile71
X-Pac ent_0314_0_0_3 bakedfile57 314_X_PAC_2022 bakedfile57
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat ent_0315_0_0_3 bakedfile57 315_RICKY_STEAMBOAT_2024 bakedfile57
Jinder Mahal ent_0318_0_0_3 bakedfile57 318_JINDER_MAHAL_2024 bakedfile57
Jimmy Uso ent_0332_0_0_3 bakedfile57 332_JIMMY_USO_2024 bakedfile57
Jey Uso ent_0333_0_0_3 bakedfile57 333_JEY_USO_2024 bakedfile57
Razor Ramon ent_0334_0_0_3 bakedfile57 334_Razor_Ramon_2022 bakedfile57
Kevin Nash ent_0335_0_0_3 bakedfile57 335_Kevin_Nash_2022 bakedfile57
Vader ent_0337_0_0_3 bakedfile57 337_Vader_98_2022 bakedfile57
Brock Lesnar ent_0343_0_0_3 bakedfile57 343_BROCK_LESNAR_2023 bakedfile57
The Rock '98 ent_0344_0_0_2 bakedfile57 - -
John Cena '03 ent_0356_0_0_3 bakedfile57 356_JOHN_CENA_2003_2023 bakedfile57
Triple H '01 ent_0358_0_0_2 bakedfile57 - -
Shawn Michaels '05 ent_0365_0_0_3 bakedfile57 365_Shawn_Michaels_2022 bakedfile57
Roman Reigns ent_0368_0_0_3 bakedfile01 368_ROMAN_REIGNS_2024 bakedfile01
Seth "Freakin" Rollins ent_0369_0_0_3 bakedfile01 369_SETH_ROLLLINS_2024 bakedfile01 & 57
John Cena '08 ent_0377_0_0_3 bakedfile57 377_JOHN_CENA_2008_2023 bakedfile57
John Cena '09 - - 378_JOHN_CENA_2009_2023 bakedfile57
John Cena '14 - - 379_JOHN_CENA_14_2023 bakedfile57
John Cena '20 (WM30) ent_0379_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 379_JOHN_CENA_WM30_2024 bakedfile71
John Cena '20 (nWo) - - 380_JOHN_CENA_16_2023 bakedfile57
John Cena '20 (nWo) ent_0380_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 380_JOHN_CENA_NWO_2024 bakedfile71
Big E ent_0384_0_0_3 bakedfile57 384_BIG_E_2024 bakedfile57
Jake Roberts ent_0392_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Diesel ent_0395_0_0_3 bakedfile57 395_DIESEL_2023 bakedfile57
Scott Hall ent_0396_0_0_3 bakedfile57 396_Scott_Hall_2022 bakedfile57
Bray Wyatt ent_0398_0_0_3 bakedfile57 398_BRAY_WYATT_2023 bakedfile57
AJ Styles (Intro) ent_0399_0_0_3 bakedfile57 399_AJ_STYLES_INTRO bakedfile57
Terry Funk ent_0405_0_0_3 bakedfile71 405_TERRY_FUNK_2024 bakedfile71
Sandman ent_0406_0_0_3 bakedfile71 406_SANDMAN_2024 bakedfile71
Batista ent_0411_0_0_3 bakedfile57 411_BATISTA_2008_2023 bakedfile57
Triple H '08 ent_0418_0_0_3 bakedfile57 418_TRIPLE_H_2008_2023 bakedfile57
Xavier Woods ent_0420_0_0_3 bakedfile57 420_XAVIER_WOODS_2024 bakedfile57
Honky Tonk Man ent_0423_0_0_3 bakedfile71 423_HONKY_TONK_MAN_2024 bakedfile71
Axiom (Intro) ent_0426_0_0_3 bakedfile57 426_AXIOM_INTRO_2024 bakedfile57
Sensational Sherri ent_0428_0_0_3 bakedfile71 428_SENSATIONAL_SHERRI_2024 bakedfile71
Sami Zayn ent_0429_0_0_3 bakedfile57 429_SAMI_ZAYN_2024 bakedfile57
Randy Orton '09 ent_0443_0_0_3 bakedfile57 443_RANDY_ORTON_2009_2023 bakedfile57
El Mago - - 445_El_Mago_Sr_2022 bakedfile57
Hector Flores ent_0447_0_0_3 bakedfile57 447_Hector_Flores_2022 bakedfile57
La Cangrejita Loca ent_0448_0_0_1 bakedfile57 - -
Mr. CQ ent_0450_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Paragon Jay Pierce ent_0453_0_0_3 bakedfile57 453_Paragon_Jay_Pierce_2022 bakedfile57
Meilee Fan ent_0454_0_0_3 bakedfile57 454_Fanny_2022 bakedfile57
Shawn Michaels ent_0457_0_0_3 bakedfile57 457_SHAWN_MICHAELS_WM25_2024 bakedfile57
Syxx ent_0459_0_0_2 bakedfile57 - -
Roman Reigns (Intro) ent_0460_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
White Square ent_0466_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
The Manifestation ent_0469_0_0_3 bakedfile57 469_THE_MANIFESTATION_2024 bakedfile57
Carly Prime ent_0487_0_0_3 bakedfile57 487_CARLY_PRIME_2024 bakedfile57
Psycho Sally ent_0489_0_0_3 bakedfile57 489_PSYCHO_SALLY_2024 bakedfile57
Zero ent_0510_0_0_3 bakedfile57 510_ZERO_2024 bakedfile57
"Undashing" Cody Rhodes ent_0543_0_0_3 bakedfile71 543_CODY_RHODES_11_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
Roman Reigns '15 ent_0544_0_0_3 bakedfile57 544_ROMAN_REIGNS_WM31_2024 bakedfile57
Brock Lesnar '15 ent_0545_0_0_3 bakedfile57 545_BROCK_LESNAR_WM31_2024 bakedfile57
#DIY (Intro) ent_0550_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Kayla Braxton ent_0552_0_0_3 bakedfile57 552_KAYLA_BRAXTON_2024 bakedfile57
The Brawling Brutes (Intro) ent_0553_0_0_1 bakedfile57 - -
The Unholy Union (Intro) ent_0553_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 - -
The Unholy Union (Intro) ent_0555_0_0_3 bakedfile71 - -
Shawn Michaels '09 (Intro) ent_0561_0_0_3 bakedfile57 561_SHAWN_MICHAELS_WM25_INTRO_2024 bakedfile57
Rikishi ent_0562_0_0_3 bakedfile57 562_Rikishi_2022 bakedfile57
The Beacon ent_0566_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 566_BEACON_2024 bakedfile71
Baron Corbin ent_0573_0_0_3 bakedfile57 573_BARON_CORBIN_2024 bakedfile57
Happy Corbin - - 573_HAPPY_CORBIN_2023 bakedfile57
Finn Balor ent_0576_0_0_3 bakedfile57 576_FINN_BALOR_2024 bakedfile57
Kevin Owens ent_0578_0_0_3 bakedfile57 578_KEVIN_OWENS_2024 bakedfile57
Tyler Breeze ent_0581_0_0_3 bakedfile57 581_Tyler_Breeze_2022 bakedfile57 & 71
Braun Strowman ent_0609_0_0_3 bakedfile57 609_BRAUN_STROWMAN_2024 bakedfile57
AJ Styles ent_0610_0_0_3 bakedfile57 610_AJ_STYLES_2024 bakedfile57
Becky Lynch ent_0611_0_0_3 bakedfile57 611_BECKY_LYNCH_2024 bakedfile57
Charlotte Flair ent_0612_0_0_3 bakedfile57 612_CHARLOTTE_FLAIR_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
Chad Gable ent_0614_0_0_3 bakedfile57 614_CHAD_GABLE_2024 bakedfile57
Alexa Bliss ent_0620_0_0_3 bakedfile57 620_ALEXA_BLISS_2024 bakedfile57
Asuka ent_0621_0_0_3 bakedfile01 621_ASUKA_2024 bakedfile57
Bayley ent_0622_0_0_3 bakedfile57 622_BAYLEY_2024 bakedfile57
Carmella ent_0623_0_0_3 bakedfile57 623_CARMELLA_2024 bakedfile57
Apollo Crews ent_0625_0_0_3 bakedfile57 625_APOLLO_CREWS_2024 bakedfile57
Finn Balor Demon ent_0626_0_0_3 bakedfile57 626_Finn_Balor_Demon_2022 bakedfile57
Karl Anderson ent_0627_0_0_3 bakedfile57 627_KARL_ANDERSON_2024 bakedfile57
Shinsuke Nakamura ent_0630_0_0_3 bakedfile57 630_SHINSUKE_NAKAMURA_2024 bakedfile57
Stardust ent_0650_0_0_3 bakedfile71 650_STARDUST_2024 bakedfile71
Asuka (Mask Intro) ent_0684_0_0_3 bakedfile57 684_Asuka_Intro_2022 bakedfile57
Robert Roode ent_0686_0_0_3 bakedfile57 686_ROBERT_ROODE_2024 bakedfile57
Johnny Gargano ent_0691_0_0_3 bakedfile57 691_JOHNNY_GARGANO_2024 bakedfile57
Tommaso Ciampa ent_0692_0_0_3 bakedfile57 692_TOMMASO_CIAMPA_2024 bakedfile57
Nikki Cross ent_0698_0_0_3 bakedfile57 698_NIKKI_CROSS_2024 bakedfile57
Akira Tozawa ent_0707_0_0_3 bakedfile57 707_AKIRA_TOZAWA_2024 bakedfile57
Cedric Alexander ent_0708_0_0_3 bakedfile57 708_CEDRIC_ALEXANDER_2024 bakedfile57
Noam Dar ent_0710_0_0_3 bakedfile57 710_NOAM_DAR_2024 bakedfile57
Drew Gulak ent_0729_0_0_3 bakedfile57 729_DREW_GULAK_2023 bakedfile57
Liv Morgan ent_0734_0_0_3 bakedfile57 734_LIV_MORGAN_2023 bakedfile57
Ronda Rousey ent_0736_0_0_3 bakedfile57 736_RONDA_ROUSEY_2023 bakedfile57
Valhalla ent_0737_0_0_3 bakedfile57 737_SARAH_LOGAN_2023 bakedfile57
Sonya Deville ent_0738_0_0_3 bakedfile57 738_SONYA_DEVILLE_2024 bakedfile57
Angelo Dawkins ent_0740_0_0_3 bakedfile57 740_ANGELO_DAWKINS_2024 bakedfile57
Montez Ford ent_0744_0_0_3 bakedfile57 744_MONTEZ_FORD_2024 bakedfile57
Otis ent_0746_0_0_3 bakedfile57 746_OTIS_2024 bakedfile57
Butch ent_0747_0_0_3 bakedfile57 747_BUTCH_2023 bakedfile57
Tyler Bate ent_0751_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 751_TYLER_BATE_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
Bianca Belair ent_0753_0_0_3 bakedfile01 753_BIANCA_BELAIR_2024 bakedfile57
Shayna Baszler ent_0756_0_0_3 bakedfile57 756_SHAYNA_BASZLER_2024 bakedfile57
Queen Zelina ent_0762_0_0_3 bakedfile57 762_ZELINA_VEGA_2024 bakedfile57
Cole Quinn ent_0763_0_0_3 bakedfile57 763_Cole_Quinn_2022 bakedfile57
Sheamus (Intro) ent_0768_0_0_3 bakedfile57 768_SheamusIntro_2022 bakedfile57
Gabriel Slade ent_0772_0_0_3 bakedfile57 772_GABRIEL_SLADE_2023 bakedfile57
Slade ent_0773_0_0_3 bakedfile57 773_SLADE_2023 bakedfile57
Chosen ent_0774_0_0_3 bakedfile57 774_CHOSEN_2023 bakedfile57 & 71
Tavish ent_0775_0_0_3 bakedfile57 775_TAVISH_2023 bakedfile57 & 71
Golden Sun (Seth Rollins '20 Intro) ent_0776_0_0_3 bakedfile57 776_Golden_Sun_2022 bakedfile57
SuprStrLvr - - 778_SuprStrLvr_2022 bakedfile57
UpUpDownDown ent_0778_0_0_3 bakedfile57 778_UPUPDOWNDOWN_2024 bakedfile57
NXT UK Placeholder ent_0780_0_0_3 bakedfile57 780_NXTUK_PLACEHOLDER23 bakedfile57
XL Moon Rise (Xia Li Intro) ent_0781_0_0_3 bakedfile57 781_XL_MoonRise_2022 bakedfile57
The Bump ent_0782_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
MyRISE Universal Championship Tournament ent_0783_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 - -
MyRISE Roman Reigns Cutscene ent_0784_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 - -
MyRISE Roman Reigns Cutscene ent_0785_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 - -
MyRISE Roman Reigns Cutscene ent_0786_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 - -
The Bella Twins ent_0787_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Imperium (Intro) ent_0789_0_0_3 bakedfile57 789_IMPERIUM_WHITE_2023 bakedfile57
Ava Moreno ent_0792_0_0_3 bakedfile57 792_AVA_MORENO_2023 bakedfile57 & 71
The Lock ent_0793_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Justine (Attitude Era) ent_0797_0_0_3 bakedfile57 797_JUSTINE_ATTITUDE_2023 bakedfile57
Justine (Present Day) ent_0798_0_0_3 bakedfile57 798_JUSTINE_PRESENT_2023 bakedfile57
Ivar ent_0801_0_0_3 bakedfile57 801_IVAR_2024 bakedfile57
Erik ent_0802_0_0_3 bakedfile57 802_ERIK_2024 bakedfile57
Candice LeRae ent_0803_0_0_3 bakedfile57 803_CANDACE_LERAE_2024 bakedfile57
Dakota Kai ent_0804_0_0_3 bakedfile57 804_DAKOTA_KAI_2024 bakedfile57
Ricochet ent_0806_0_0_3 bakedfile57 806_RICOCHET_2024 bakedfile57
Humberto Carillo ent_0807_0_0_3 bakedfile57 807_HUMBERTO_CARILLO_2024 bakedfile57
Iyo Sky ent_0814_0_0_3 bakedfile01 814_IYO_SKY_2024 bakedfile01
Michin ent_0815_0_0_3 bakedfile57 815_MICHIN_2024 bakedfile57
Rhea Ripley ent_0816_0_0_3 bakedfile01 816_RHEA_RIPLEY_2024 bakedfile01 & 57
Chase ent_0823_0_0_3 bakedfile57 823_Chase_2022 bakedfile57
Brooklyn Von Braun ent_0829_0_0_3 bakedfile57 829_Brooklyn_2022 bakedfile57
Josie Jane ent_0832_0_0_3 bakedfile57 832_Josie_2022 bakedfile57
Molly Holly ent_0838_0_0_3 bakedfile57 838_MOLLY_HOLLY_2023 bakedfile57
Chyna ent_0839_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Charlotte Flair '17 ent_0842_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 842_CHARLOTTE_FLAIR_WM33_2024 bakedfile71
Charlotte Flair '19 ent_0843_0_0_3 bakedfile57 843_CHARLOTTE_FLAIR_WM35_2024 bakedfile57
Becky Lynch '19 ent_0845_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 845_BECKY_LYNCH_19_2024 bakedfile71
Seth Rollins '22 ent_0852_0_0_1 bakedfile57 852_Seth_Rollins_2022 bakedfile57
Bray Wyatt '20 ent_0859_0_0_3 bakedfile57 859_BRAY_WYATT_FF_2024 bakedfile57
Bray Wyatt '20 (nWo) ent_0861_0_0_3 bakedfile57 861_BRAY_WYATT_NWO_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
The Fiend ent_0864_0_0_3 bakedfile57 864_THE_FIEND_2024 bakedfile57
Angel Garza ent_0909_0_0_3 bakedfile57 909_ANGEL_GARZA_2024 bakedfile57
Gunther ent_0911_0_0_3 bakedfile57 911_GUNTHER_2024 bakedfile57
Ludwig Kaiser ent_0912_0_0_3 bakedfile57 912_LUDWIG_KAISER_2024 bakedfile57
Giovanni Vinci ent_0913_0_0_3 bakedfile57 913_GIOVANNI_VINCI_2024 bakedfile57
MVP ent_0915_0_0_3 bakedfile57 915_MVP_2024 bakedfile57
Austin Theory ent_0917_0_0_3 bakedfile57 917_AUSTIN_THEORY_2024 bakedfile57
Shotzi ent_0919_0_0_3 bakedfile57 919_SHOTZI_2024 bakedfile57
Tegan Nox ent_0920_0_0_3 bakedfile57 920_TEGAN_NOX_2024 bakedfile57
Cameron Grimes ent_0921_0_0_3 bakedfile57 921_CAMERON_GRIMES_2023 bakedfile57
Damian Priest ent_0922_0_0_3 bakedfile57 922_DAMIAN_PRIEST_2024 bakedfile57
Dominik Mysterio ent_0923_0_0_3 bakedfile57 923_DOMINIK_MYSTERIO_2024 bakedfile57
Karrion Kross ent_0924_0_0_3 bakedfile57 924_KARRION_KROSS_2024 bakedfile57
Scarlett ent_0925_0_0_3 bakedfile57 925_SCARLETT_2024 bakedfile57
Raquel Rodriguez ent_0927_0_0_3 bakedfile57 927_RAQUEL_RODRIQUEZ_2024 bakedfile57
Santos Escobar ent_0928_0_0_3 bakedfile57 928_SANTOS_ESCOBAR_2024 bakedfile57
Joaquin Wilde ent_0929_0_0_3 bakedfile57 929_JOAQUIN_WILDE_2024 bakedfile57
Cruz Del Toro ent_0930_0_0_3 bakedfile57 930_CRUZ_DEL_TORO_2024 bakedfile57
Dexter Lumis ent_0931_0_0_3 bakedfile57 931_DEXTER_LUMIS_2024 bakedfile57
Dijak ent_0935_0_0_3 bakedfile57 935_DIJAK_2024 bakedfile57
T-BAR - - 935_T_BAR_2023 bakedfile57
JD McDonagh ent_0937_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 937_JD_MCDONAGH_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
Alba Fyre ent_0938_0_0_3 bakedfile57 938_ALBA_FYRE_2024 bakedfile57
Eric Bischoff ent_0939_0_0_2 bakedfile57 - -
William Regal ent_0940_0_0_3 bakedfile57 940_William_Regal_2022 bakedfile57
The APA ent_0941_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Carmelo Hayes ent_0947_0_0_3 bakedfile57 947_CARMELO_HAYES_2024 bakedfile57
Veer Mahan ent_0948_0_0_3 bakedfile57 948_VEER_MAHAAN_2024 bakedfile57
Post Malone ent_0949_0_0_3 bakedfile71 949_POST_MALONE_2024 bakedfile71
Kane '08 ent_0951_0_0_3 bakedfile57 951_Kane_2022 bakedfile57
Rey Mysterio Jr. ent_0952_0_0_3 bakedfile57 952_Rey_Mysterio_2022 bakedfile57
Rey Mysterio '06 ent_0954_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 954_Rey_Mysterio_2022 bakedfile71
Rey Mysterio '08 ent_0955_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Mighty Molly ent_0956_0_0_3 bakedfile57 956_MIGHTY_MOLLY_2023 bakedfile57
Eddie Guerrero '97 ent_0957_0_0_3 bakedfile57 957_Eddie_Guerrero_2022 bakedfile57
Hollywood Hogan ent_0958_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Logan Paul ent_0960_0_0_3 bakedfile57 960_LOGAN_PAUL_2024 bakedfile57
Zoey Stark ent_0961_0_0_3 bakedfile57 961_ZOEY_STARK_2024 bakedfile57
Undertaker '98 ent_0962_0_0_3 bakedfile57 962_Undertaker_1998_2022 bakedfile57
Scott Hall (nWo) ent_0963_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Seth Rollins '15 ent_0965_0_0_3 bakedfile57 965_SETH_ROLLINS_WM31_2024 bakedfile57
Yokozuna ent_0966_0_0_3 bakedfile57 966_Yokozuna_2022 bakedfile57
Umaga ent_0967_0_0_3 bakedfile57 967_Umaga_2022 bakedfile57
Piper Niven ent_0969_0_0_3 bakedfile57 969_PIPER_NIVEN_2024 bakedfile57
Boogeyman ent_0970_0_0_3 bakedfile57 970_The_Boogeyman_2022 bakedfile57
Ilja Dragunov ent_0971_0_0_3 bakedfile57 971_ILJA_DRAGUNOV_2024 bakedfile57
Indi Hartwell ent_0972_0_0_3 bakedfile57 972_INDI_HARTWELL_2024 bakedfile57
The Hurricane ent_0973_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 973_The_Hurricane_2022 bakedfile57
Stacy Keibler ent_0974_0_0_3 bakedfile57 974_Stacy_Kiebler_2022 bakedfile57
Omos ent_0975_0_0_3 bakedfile57 975_OMOS_2024 bakedfile57
Wes Lee ent_0976_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 976_WES_LEE_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
Doink The Clown ent_0978_0_0_3 bakedfile57 978_Doink_2022 bakedfile57
Katana Chance ent_0980_0_0_3 bakedfile57 980_KATANA_CHANCE_2024 bakedfile57
LA Knight ent_0981_0_0_3 bakedfile01 981_LA_KNIGHT_2024 bakedfile01 & 57
Xia Li ent_0982_0_0_3 bakedfile57 982_XIA_LI_2024 bakedfile57
Axiom ent_0986_0_0_3 bakedfile57 986_AXIOM_2023 bakedfile57
John Cena '22 ent_0987_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Wendy Choo ent_0991_0_0_3 bakedfile57 991_WENDY_CHOO_2023 bakedfile57
Ridge Holland ent_0992_0_0_3 bakedfile57 992_RIDGE_HOLLAND_2024 bakedfile57
Gigi Dolin ent_0993_0_0_3 bakedfile57 993_GIGI_DOLIN_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
Jacy Jayne ent_0994_0_0_3 bakedfile57 994_JACY_JAYNE_2024 bakedfile57
Cora Jade ent_0995_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 995_CORA_JADE_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
Roxanne Perez ent_0996_0_0_3 bakedfile57 996_ROXANNE_PEREZ_2024 bakedfile57
John Cena '12 ent_0997_0_0_3 bakedfile57 997_JOHN_CENA_12_2023 bakedfile57
John Cena '02 ent_0998_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 998_JOHN_CENA_02_2023 bakedfile57 & 71
Super Cena - - 999_JOHN_CENA_16_2023 bakedfile57
Cody Rhodes ent_1025_0_0_3 bakedfile01 1025_CODY_RHODES_2024 bakedfile01
Bron Breakker ent_1026_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1026_BRON_BREAKKER_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
Julius Creed ent_1027_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Brutus Creed ent_1028_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
Grayson Waller ent_1029_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1029_GRAYSON_WALLER_2024 bakedfile57
Kayden Carter ent_1030_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1030_KAYDEN_CARTER_2024 bakedfile57
Nikkita Lyons ent_1031_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1031_NIKKITA_LYONS_2024 bakedfile57
Solo Sikoa ent_1032_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1032_SOLO_SIKOA_2024 bakedfile57
Scrypts ent_1033_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1033_SCRYPTS_2024 bakedfile57
Tiffany Stratton ent_1034_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1034_TIFFANY_STRATTON_2024 bakedfile57
Maxxine Dupri ent_1036_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1036_MAXXINE_DUPRI_2024 bakedfile57
Scott Steiner ent_1037_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1037_SCOTT_STEINER_2023 bakedfile57
Rick Steiner ent_1038_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1038_RICK_STEINER_2023 bakedfile57
B-Fab ent_1039_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1039_BFAB_2023 bakedfile57
Ashante "Thee" Adonis ent_1041_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1041_ASHANTE_ADONIS_2023 bakedfile57
Elton Prince ent_1042_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 - -
Kit Wilson ent_1043_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 - -
Harley Race ent_1044_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1044_HARLEY_RACE_2023 bakedfile57
Tony D'Angelo ent_1045_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1045_TONY_DANGELO_2023 bakedfile57
Trick Williams ent_1046_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1046_TRICK_WILLIAMS_2024 bakedfile57
Ivy Nile ent_1048_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1048_IVY_NILE_2024 bakedfile57
Joe Gacy ent_1049_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1049_JOE_GACY_2023 bakedfile57
Blair Davenport ent_1050_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1050_BLAIR_DAVENPORT_2024 bakedfile57
Eve Torres ent_1051_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1051_EVE_TORRES_2023 bakedfile57
Wade Barrett ent_1052_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1052_WADE_BARRETT_2023 bakedfile57
Damon Kemp ent_1053_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1053_DAMON_KEMP_2024 bakedfile57
Andre Chase ent_1054_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1054_ANDRE_CHASE_2024 bakedfile57
Nathan Frazer ent_1055_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1055_NATHAN_FRAZER_2023 bakedfile57
Bad Bunny ent_1056_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1056_BAD_BUNNY_2023 bakedfile57
Stacked McSlacks ent_1099_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1099_STACKED_MCSLACKS_2024 bakedfile57
Duke Hudson ent_1100_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1100_DUKE_HUDSON_2024 bakedfile57
Fallon Henley ent_1101_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1101_FALLON_HENLEY_2024 bakedfile57
Chelsea Green ent_1103_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1103_CHELSEA_GREENE_2024 bakedfile57
Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo ent_1104_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1104_CHANNING_STACKS_LORENZO_2024 bakedfile57
Thea Hail ent_1105_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1105_THEA_HAIL_2024 bakedfile57
Bronson Reed ent_1110_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1110_BRONSON_REED_2024 bakedfile57
Isla Dawn ent_1111_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1111_ISLA_DAWN_2024 bakedfile57
Triple H '14 ent_1113_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 1113_TRIPLE_H_WM30_2024 bakedfile71
Sanga ent_1118_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1118_SANGA_2024 bakedfile57
Rhea Ripley '20 ent_1119_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 1119_RHEA_RIPLEY_WM36_2024 bakedfile71
"Macho King" Randy Savage ent_1120_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 1120_MACHO_KING_2024 bakedfile71
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin ent_1121_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1121_STEVE_AUSTIN_WM38_2024 bakedfile57
"Superstar" Billy Graham ent_1124_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 1124_SUPERSTAR_BILLY_GRAHAM_2024 bakedfile71
Muhammad Ali ent_1125_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 1125_MUHAMMED_ALI_2024 bakedfile71
Ken Shamrock ent_1127_0_0_3 bakedfile57 1127_KEN_SHAMROCK_2024 bakedfile57
Sheamus '09 ent_1134_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 1134_SHEAMUS_09_2024 bakedfile71
Seth Rollins '14 ent_1154_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 1154_SETH_ROLLINS_14_2024 bakedfile71
Trick Williams - - 1155_TRICK_WILLIAMS_2022 bakedfile57
Rhea Ripley '17 ent_1163_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 1163_RHEA_RIPLEY_17_2024 bakedfile71
Bianca Belair '17 ent_1164_0_0_3 bakedfile57 & 71 1164_BIANCA_BELAIR_17_2024 bakedfile71
Generic Set ent_019202_0_0_3 bakedfile01 & 71 Generic_Set bakedfile57 & 71
Generic CAS Set - - GenericCAS_Set bakedfile71
Legends - - Legends_001 bakedfile57
Legends Set - - Legends_Set bakedfile57
Placeholder Set - - Placeholder_Set bakedfile71
The Viking Raiders tag_6000_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6000_THE_VIKING_RAIDERS_2024 bakedfile57
The Bloodline tag_6001_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6001_THE_BLOODLINE_2023 bakedfile57
The New Day (Intro) tag_6002_0_0_3 bakedfile57 - -
The New Day tag_6003_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6003_THE_NEW_DAY_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
The Usos tag_6004_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6004_THE_USOS_2024 bakedfile57
The Street Profits tag_6007_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6007_STREET_PROFITS_2024 bakedfile57
#DIY tag_6012_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6012_DIY_2024 bakedfile57
Imperium tag_6018_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6018_IMPERIUM_2024 bakedfile57
D Generation-X tag_6034_0_0 bakedfile57 6034_D_Generation_X_2022 bakedfile57
nWo tag_6035_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6035_NWO_2022 bakedfile57
The Hart Foundation tag_6037_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6037_HART_FOUNDATION_2023 bakedfile57
The Authority tag_6038_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6038_THE_AUTHORITY_2024 bakedfile57
Alpha Academy tag_6039_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6039_ALPHA_ACADEMY_2024 bakedfile57
Los Lotharios tag_6048_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6048_LOS_LOTHARIOS_2024 bakedfile57
The Judgement Day tag_6049_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6049_JUDGMENT_DAY_2024 bakedfile57
The Brawling Brutes tag_6050_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6050_BRAWLING_BRUTES_2024 bakedfile57
The Creed Brothers tag_6052_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6052_CREED_BROTHERS_2024 bakedfile57
The APA - - 6053_APA_2022 bakedfile57
Katana Chance & Kayden Carter tag_6054_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6054_KATANA_KAYDEN_2023 bakedfile57
Damage CTRL tag_6055_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6055_DAMAGE_CTRL_2024 bakedfile57
The Steiner Brothers tag_6057_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6057_STEINER_BROTHERS_2023 bakedfile57
The O.C. tag_6061_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6061_THE_OC_2024 bakedfile57
Pretty Deadly tag_6062_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6062_PRETTY_DEADLY_2024 bakedfile57
Latino World Order tag_6065_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6065_LWO_2024 bakedfile57 & 71
Gallus tag_6066_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6066_GALLUS_2024 bakedfile57
Indus Sher tag_6068_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6068_INDUS_SHER_2024 bakedfile57
Tony D'Angelo & Stacks Lorenzo tag_6069_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6069_DANGELO_LORENZO_2024 bakedfile57
Chelsea Green & Piper Niven tag_6070_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6070_GREEN_PIPER_2024 bakedfile57
Briggs & Jensen tag_6072_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6072_BRIGGSJENSON_2024 bakedfile57
The Unholy Union tag_6073_0_0_3 bakedfile57 6073_ALBAFYRE_ISLADAWN_2024 bakedfile57
Pretty Deadly - - 6074_PRETTY_DEADLY_2023 bakedfile57
The Headbangers tag_10075_0_0_3 bakedfile71 10075_HEADBANGERS_2024 bakedfile71