Converting a Video Loop for Home Screen

This is a guide to show you how to take a simple 10 - 20 second video loop and convert it to work with 2K22.


CakeTools Download Here
RAD Tools (Zip Password is RAD) Download Here
Sample Video (MP4) Download Here
7 Zip 64-Bit *OPTIONAL* Download Here

Step #1 | Converting MP4 to BK2

Make sure to install the RAD Video Tools before proceeding.

We will use a sample video loop which is copyright free and no credit needed. You would want to make your own with your favorite video editing/productions software (Sony Vegas, Fimora, After Effects, etc).

Open RAD Video Tools on your computer and select the video loop file, then click [Bink It!]


Change the name of the output file to HomeScreenLoop-V4-1080.bk2 and click [Bink]!


You will see a compression results box, when it is finished, you can close RAD Video Tools.


Now you can move this video into the _mods\UI\Assets\2K22_video\ folder in your 2K22, create the folders inside _mods if they are not already created.

Step #2 | Baking

Load CakeTools. Then choose 'File > Bake a Folder'.



You will be asked what index number you would like for your CAK. For new inexperienced modders,
the default BakedFile Index 8 is what you're looking for.



Inside your WWE 2K22 game directory, you will now see a bakedfile08.cak. This is your new CAK file that contains the mod you installed.

You MUST re-bake your CAK every time that you install or create a new mod.

Step #3 | Success